Looking for LA related graphic artists and designers/agencies/brands
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I am producing a TEDx like event entitled "Visionary Graphic Design - The Los Angeles Influence" A friends of mine requested a list of past and present graphic design/ designers /LA designers / agencies / brands from the area. This is what I have so far for artists: Saul Bass, John Van Hamersveld, Ed Ruscha, Gary Baseman, Charles and Ray Eames, Sister Corita. Any other suggestions of artists/agencies/brands?
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Full disclosure, they are friends, but Poketo (first famous for their artists wallet series) is an LA design empire in the making.
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Oh, and you might want to include Giant Robot, because their magazine/shops have been an important platform for the anima / comic book aesthetic and have a very LA / California base.
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Gary Panter
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Self-Help Graphics.
Deborah Sussman (1984 Olympics)
The Center for the Study of Political Graphics might be helpful as might the LA as Subject project at USC.
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Margo Chase and April Greiman
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Hello Design
Robbie Conal
Chiat Day
If you're including brands, I think American Apparel got its start in LA. Lucky Jeans too.
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You'd have to include David Carson, I'd think. Not born in CA, but flourished there.
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Umm... sorry. I read the question several times and still equated LA with CA.
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Shepard Fairey
i'm impressed you know about sister corita. she rocks.
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I would consider the influence of architect John Lautner on the mid century modern aesthetic, and Walt Disney, too, just because he did have an impact on advertising and marketing as his presence in LA grew.
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