Does anyone remember magic blackboard school flims?
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Does anyone remember a school film (or series of films) consisting of two science teachers and a magic blackboard?

I've tried googling for evidence of these films over the years with no luck. I only have a few brief "screen shot" memories in my brain. The science teachers would query the blackboard with questions they didn't know the answer to, prompting the blackboard to provide the answers via animation. Confirmation that these movies actually existed would be great, and a clip of one of the films would be superb.
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Bell Science's Magic Screen series.

See this page, starting at 1956.
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Also, each episode is discussed in more detail on this page (scroll down a bit).

Seems like when I was a kid in elementary school, we only got to see "Hemo the Magnificent" and "Our Mr. Sun", although the others sound somewhat familiar.
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Thanks Crash. "Screen" would have never come up in my personal synonym list for "blackboard".
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