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Recently, maybe in the last couple of weeks, I heard mention of a book -- most likely I was listening to NPR (via the Boston affiliate station WBUR). It mentioned a man who is a therapist of some sort who has put together a slim volume of anecdotes from his many years of listening to patients tell their stories, and from this has come up with some sort of philosophy or wisdom of life. I don't know whether there was going to be a radio story about this guy/book or whether this was the intro to another story entirely, but I somehow have the impression it was a newish book being mentioned. And that's all I got. Ring any bells? (Something about the description of the book appealed to me, and I can't even quite remember what that was either!)
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Best answer: The Examined Life by Stephen Grosz.
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Best answer: Oh, and it aired on On Point.
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Response by poster: Awesome, thank you so much! Now I remember that I heard the intro to the program but couldn't listen to the actual program.
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