Millions of Minecraft?
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I have an interest in purchasing a very large number (500+) of Minecraft licenses for public libraries. I know that bulk purchases of Minecraft Edu are discounted, but we'd much rather use regular Minecraft. I can't find contact information for anyone at Mojang to talk with about this.

Places I have looked:,, the Minecraft forum hosted by Curse.

Most likely we would start out with around 50, create a server and run with that for a year as a pilot, then add the 500+ logins and boost the server(s) to support the traffic. But even for 50, it would be great to get a discount, be able to purchase them all at once (over the phone, online, etc., instead of one at a time). I also need to know the ballpark cost for the 500 before proceeding with the pilot. Does anyone out there have the required Mojang contact info?

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Best answer: Business dev:
Another business dev:
The way they want you to contact them:
The other way they want you to contact them:
Notch's e-mail address:
Notch's Twitter (CC if you ask on Twitter):

The rest of the employees' names and Twitters:
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They're really active on If you explain what you're doing, ask the community for help, and ask to get in touch with someone who can answer your question, I'm guessing that someone at Mojang will see it and get you some good contact info.
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