Adult video in DC area? Video on demand for Macintosh?
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I'm interested in renting quality adult video in the Washington, DC or Montgomery County, MD area. Alternatively, I'm looking for reputable online sources of adult video rental that either provide viedo on demand for Mac OS X or provide Netflix type rental without a monthly agreeement.

My wife and I are interested in watching some quality adult entertainment. However, I am unfamiliar with any video stores in Montgomery County, MD (Silver Spring area) that carry this material. Anyone have any advice?

Even better would be a website allowing video on demand for Mac OS X systems. I've run in to some that allow this for Windows systems, but have not found any for Mac OS X. An alternative would be a Netflix-type rental, but I don't think we'll be watching $10/month worth of videos [alhthough I guess you never know... :) ]
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Is Mac OS X able to run Real Video? If so, AEBN/ could be an alternative. You can buy chunks of minutes and use whenever. Their selection seems both broad and deep.
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I suggest picking up a copy of The City Paper on Thursdays and checking the back for video store adverts. There is a place called Bigg Bad Wolf (I think) in Silver Spring near where 16th Street joins up with Georgia Ave. The place is on the east side of Georgia avenue just north of where 16th street deadends. I remember it becaue it has a sign stating they have adult AND children's videos. I know no one will believe me, but I haven't been there.
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There is a site called Porn On A Stick that, I believe, does Netflix-style rentals. I'm at work right now so I can't confirm the URL. Try Googling the title in quotes. Not sure what their selection is like, but a friend of mine did some coding for them and said the service is pretty cool.
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Pleasure Place, with locations in Dupont Circle and Georgetown (and possibly others) has a decent selection. The chain MVC has outlets in Tyson's Corner and Baily's Crossroads (VA) that I've been too, but they might have an outlet that's closer to you. Their selection ranges from the classy to the WAY nasty, so you should be able to find something you like (their website is, as you might imagine, NSFW). I think all of these places are purchase only, but you can check to be sure.

In the Capitol Hill area, there's Capitol Video Sales on 8th street, and another place whose name I can't find on the 600 block of Pennsylvania (SE), near the Eastern Market CVS. Both of these rent and sell.

Or, you know, so I hear.
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In Silver Spring you can try Royce's Video (if it's still there) which has a very extensive adult section. It's on Georgia Ave a few blocks south of where Alaska Ave comes in, on the East side of the street, next to a Pizza Hut (I think).

In NW DC, on Connecticut Ave just south of Chevy Chase circle, Potomac Video is the best video store in DC (that branch in particular) and has a good Adult section. It's decidedly less skeevy than Royce's (no sex toys and lube on the counter), but has fewer choices. Potomac rents movies for a week, so even if you have to drive over from Silver Spring, it might still not be too inconvenient.
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I recall seeing ads for a Netflix kind of service on Adult DVD Empire. I think they also sell streaming views of many things.
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How about Bluedoor?
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I can vouch for They have plain old rentals, sales, as well as a netflix-like service.
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You might also want to simply buy cheap. I have purchased from VideoAge in the past and been pretty happy with the quality and quantity of things for the price. They have a 30 day return policy I have never taken advantage of as well.
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