More like Midlake please.
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What artists and albums are most like Midlake's Trials of Van Occupanther?
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The National
Band Of Horses
Okkervil River
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You'd probably like "Grizzly Bear", specifically the song, "On a neck, on a spit". That is, if you haven't heard them already.
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Things with the same sort of musical feel (for me): Augie March (not all, but their more meditative things); Art of Fighting; Kashmir; Felice Brothers. A bit more tangential: Paul Dempsey/Something for Kate; The Church.
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Both Last.FM and Amazon suggest you should look at The Czars.

None of these are exactly like Midlake - some aren't quite as low-fi - but I'd recommend a listen to:

Bon Iver
Fleet Foxes
The National
Tame Impala
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Some older influences: Crosby, Stills, and Nash and Fleetwood Mac.

Current: Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Iron and Wine, Band of Horses, Sea Wolf.

But none of the contemporary stuff is as good as that album by Midlake.

Oh wait, Jose Gonzalez is. Try also his band Junip.
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John Grant used Midlake as his backing band on his "Queen of Denmark" album - they produced it a well. It's amazing.
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I came in here to say John Grant as well. Both of his albums, Midlake-involving and not, are stunningly good.
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Seconding Grizzly Bear. For something older try XTC (English Settlement, for example).

FWIW, I don't think comparisons to The National or Band of Horses are apt, though I like both those bands lots and you may, too. Just not the same sound at all.
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John Grant + Midlake = outstanding.
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Seconding John Grant's 'Queen of Denmark' - It's incredible.
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Came in here to say John Grant as well, though I just learned about him from this post, currently on the front page.
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Many songs on Woods' Sun and Shade album (2011) have that acoustic 70's feel. The band has a newer one, but I haven't heard it yet.

But when I hear Midlake, I also hear Fleetwood Mac and others of that ilk. I recommend diving into 70's soft rock. You'll find fertile ground there.
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I second Sea Wolf.

Shearwater, Cass McCombs, mewithoutyou, Pica Beats, Great Lake Swimmers, Bruce Peninsula, Bill Callahan, Ramona Falls.
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Best answer: How strange it is how we all hear things very differently. Man, I love both John Grant albums, but to me they don't sound hardly anything like Van Occupanther. YMMV, I guess. Anyway, not much sounds exactly like Van Occupanther, which its why it's such a good album, but you've basicly got two choices. Go backwards to the sources that Midlake were drawing on, or go sideways to people drinking from the same well. I reckon CSN/Y is probably your best bet for the former, or maybe Stills' solo album Manassas. For the latter, maybe Beachwood Sparks, Dry the River, or earlier Tame Impala.
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Response by poster: I pretty much agree with hydatius, though I was totally hoping someone would pipe up with something along the lines of "Check out Madlike! Their album The Trails of Von Octopants is exactly what you're looking for!"

I'm aware of most of the bands people mentioned (thank you one and all), but none match the amazing arrangements on Trials...

Maybe I'm hankering after some kind of folk rock/yacht rock hybrid. Anyone know of albums that match that description or bands that made that transition? I'll google around. Might be back with a new question next week.
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Caught up with the friend who got me onto Midlake and asked; she suggested The Band's Whispering Pines, which Midlake put on their compilation album of Late Night Tales.
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