How to Export All Sheets in an Excel File?
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I am using Excel 2011 on Mac OS X Lion. I have a workbook created by a colleague with 25 worksheets in it. I would like to export all of these to individual csv files. Is there a way to do it all in one batch?

I have tried various macros I found online, but I suspect these are all incompatible with Excel 2011/Mac, as they either do nothing, or they cause Excel to shut down. It might be that I don't know how to run macros properly, so if you have something that has worked for you on Excel 2011, please suggest it as well as maybe some dumbed down instructions for how to use it.
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Best answer: The following code seems to work for me:

Sub AllSheetsToCSV()
For Each s In Sheets
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=s.Name, FileFormat:=xlCSV
Next s
End Sub

To use: Open VBA editor. Create new module. Paste code into module. Hit play.
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Response by poster: That worked! Thanks so much pompomtom; you've saved me so much time.
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