Yoga in the woods
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What are some great yoga classes/retreats where you practice outside in a pretty natural setting?

I recently did some yoga outside in a beautiful natural setting and it was amazing! I'm looking for a yoga class/retreat where I can practice outside. For retreats, I'd prefer something not super expensive -- I can pay a bit, but I don't need a high-end spa.

I'm slightly allergic to grass, so I'd prefer a platform in the woods or a class on the beach to a park.

I need the structure of a class or organized gathering to motivate me to get off my ass and do it.

Also, a place in the San Francisco Bay Area would be preferred, but I travel a lot so other locations (and outside the US) are great too.
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I am tempted by the yoga retreats my Vinyasa studio offers.
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Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon has a lot of yoga retreats.
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Here's one, and as a bonus, it is a fund-raiser to raise scholarship money for kids to go to summer camp. It's on a private island in the San Juan Islands, north of Seattle -- one of the most beautiful places in the world.
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Free running and yoga classes Saturdays on the Santa Monica Pier through the end of August. (I'm back from my walks before they start but I think they get a nice group out there.)
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There are both yoga and meditation retreats in Sun Valley, Idaho. They range anywhere from a long weekend to 10 days.
(disclaimer: I have not attended, although they sound very nice. I have, however, dog sat several times for my vet who attends.)
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This probably falls into the expensive category, but the Esalen Institute offers quite a few yoga workshops.
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There are TONS yoga classes and retreats in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
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I've heard this one is fantastic, in Dominica.
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