Ethical Shopping in NYC
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I'm in NYC and would like to shop at establishments that give their retail and service workers a living wage and benefits. I'd also like to avoid the most egregious workers' rights offenders. Can you help me compile a list?

I'm looking for stores for everything that one would shop for - groceries, clothing, toiletries, beauty supplies, health products, cleaning supplies, home items, etc.

I'm willing to pay a bit more for this privilege but assume a middle middle-class budget.

Thank you!
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The Park Slope Food Coop is a really good place to start. They spend a lot of time and energy worrying about this.
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Costco! There's one in Harlem.
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Trader Joe's
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There is also a Costco in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, within easy walking distance of the D, N and R trains, as well as the B70 and B35. We actually just walk there from our apartment most of the time.
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Workers at H&M clothing stores in New York have union representation.
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For restaurants, I recommend consulting the ROC Diners Guide, which compiles lists of chains and individual restaurants that have humane employment standards (e.g., paying above minimum wage to non-tipped positions, giving paid sick leave, etc.). You can scan the overall list or go right to the top picks for a particular city. They even give you some template cards to leave with management letting them know that their high rating was part of why you went there.
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H&M also rolled out some good environmental policies like recycling fabric etc.
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