Windows 8 Dual Monitors Question
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Dual Monitors - One Touch Screen and One Nontouch...has anyone used this setup?

Hi All,

I am considering upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8. I would like to do a dual monitor set up with one monitor being touch screen and one being nontouch. Is anyone using a setup like this? If so, how well does it work, any tips for setup, and any recommendations on the touch screen monitor?
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I have a Microsoft Surface that approximates this setup when I attach an external non-touch monitor.

With Windows 8 my natural desire was for the metro apps to stay on the surface's touch screen while I used my touchpad and keyboard to interact with desktop apps on the external monitor. This was the only way I could see being able to use each interface to its best ability.

Unfortunately every time I would start to interact with the desktop, the metro interface on the other monitor would minimize and the desktop would extend. I stopped trying to use the Surface as a primary computer for this reason.

However, after an update to Windows 8.1 preview this no longer seems to happen. I've only tested this for about 5 minutes as I haven't had time to try to switch my activities from my laptop. And of course the usual caveats about preview software, but it seems this configuration might be possible to use now.
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