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I'm trying to build a small wardrobe of versatile, well made, neutral basics(who isn't?), with a twist. I have work clothes provided by my employer, so I only need happy fun time clothes. I have nice plain T's. I need some shirts that are a step up but not button downs; I have to wear them at work and hate them. I'm a woman, mid-forties, 5'3", pear shaped, size 4/6/8 depending on the brand. I have a small waist and enjoy emphasizing it in a fully covered, non-binding way. My budget is about $100 a piece. Suggestions?
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Best answer: Ann Taylor Loft petites!
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Best answer: For a $100/piece budget, I highly recommend Ureshii. A nice step up from plain t-shirts, but a completely different direction from button-downs. Some of the designs are perfect for emphasizing a small waist and none are binding. Get a friend to measure you and the fit will be excellent.
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Best answer: Smoking Lily is a small company like Ureshii (great and dangerous link, by the way, crush-onastick)--they carry figure-flattering clothes that are well-made, and they use good quality materials. If you're OK with subtle prints, you might like their (more casual) Simple Tee or the (less casual) Mt. Pleasant Top. The Hama Hama Top is nice too, but the colours are limited at the moment.
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Best answer: Jones New York makes nice basic tops - I usually buy them at Ross since my budget is a little lower than yours.
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Best answer: Flax?

With your budget I think you can and should cheerfully bypass most widely-known mall brands; the quality is hit and miss at best, often terrible. I haven't ordered anything from Ureshii, but given the requests here would have suggested them anyway. More to look at: sandwich_, Three Dots, and Judith + Charles (previously 'Teenflo').
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Best answer: Garnet Hill carries a brand called Velvet. You have to be somewhat discerning -- not all pieces work with every body type -- but I like the brand well enough to deliberately seek it out.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. I'm actually looking forward to shopping for once!
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