where can I buy a standing desk in the UK?
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I want to buy a standing desk, and I am willing to spend money on it. It doesn't seem possible to find the model I want in the UK. I'd also like to actually try the product before I buy it. Is there some kind of standing desk showroom I can actually visit (preferably, in London)? Do you have any other model recommendations? Details of search and criteria inside.

I very much wanted the NextDesk Terra, available in the US. It doesn't seem to be available in the UK (or am I mistaken?) They said that they do ship to the UK, but all further inquiries about whether the desk is appropriate for non-US voltages, and whether they do UK rather than US plugs, were met with a resounding silence, which I am assuming means no. So I am looking for alternatives. My criteria for my standing desk is basically something as close to the NextDesk Terra as I can get, i.e.:

- well-made and reliable, aesthetically pleasing
- adjustable to sitting and standing positions
- programmable memory - I want to be able to hit a button and have it go to the right height immediately
- the whole desk surface should rise, i.e. not interested in the Kangaroo desk
- available in UK voltage and with UK plugs
- preferably not much more than £1000 or thereabouts, though I can be convinced

In an ideal world, I would get the NextDesk Terra in a UK-friendly make. I would love any suggestions on whether this would be possible - are there UK distributors for it, for example? Failing that, I'd love to hear any other model recommendations you might have. Ideally, I would like to be able to try the desk before I buy it, but the only seller of standing desks I know of in London which has an actual showroom did not appear to do a model within my budget which has programmable memory. So I'd also welcome any suggestions of any places I could go to in London which might sell standing desks. Many thanks in advance, on behalf of my rapidly failing lower back!
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The London hub for office (and home office) furniture is Clerkenwell/Farringdon. Steelcase and others are on the Farringdon Rd. Down by St Johns Rd there are a bunch of others. For example, Elite Furniture have a height adjustable desk. EFG also have height adjustable desks. Humanscale have standing desks. All are in Farringdon, as are many others whose names I don't recall.

So yes - basically do your research on who is in the area. I don't know much about standing desks but my guess is that if you're going to find it, then Farringdon is your place.
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