What would be the best gift for a tank enthusiast, somewhere in the UK?
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I want to get a special gift for a friend of mine who is mad about tanks. There are various places in the UK you can have a tank driving experience but I don't know how to choose between them. What is cool about driving a tank, or tanks in general? What would an enthusiast most like to experience? Personally I'd like to pile across a field of battle blowing the shit out of enemy equipment - but I assume that's not available as a civilian experience.
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Your friend probably already knows about the Bovington Tank Museum, but I'll mention it just in case.
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If they can appreciate anime, maybe a starting gift ofgirls und panzer on DVD as a way to build up to the real thing? (It's about tank school as a sport for high school girls)
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Bovington is pretty welcoming towards people who are nuts about tanks. They have an extensive library and several experts if your friend has a research type interest. I used to work there as a student and did some tour guiding for a while. No harm in giving their collections team a call if you want something a bit different - they might offer something bespoke if your friend is serious.

Driving a tank is fun. I have driven a tank. If they exist, I'd look for an experience that gives you time in more than one tank. I.e. a large battle tank and something smaller and faster like a reconnaissance tank. But it's fun whatever you do. You don't tend to blow stuff up.
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