What book is this?
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I read a book in the early 90's about a guy who was helping a run-away child with nuclear launch codes embedded in his heart. The older man was a former code child himself (I think) and they were hiding out in Northern California/San Francisco with hippies driving around in art cars called "Gluers". Any idea? Amazon, Google, Good Reads, Library Searches have gotten me nothing. I'm not sure if it's even any good, I just want to make sure I didn't hallucinate the whole thing. Thanks You!
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“The Paper Grail” by James P. Blaylock?

From blog post:
What’s up with the Gluers – commune hippies who glue small objects to cars – and the recurring Humpty Dumpty images?

Alternatively, did this book feature an RV the protagonists towed behind their vehicle, with some sort of radioactive material that they needed to bring with them, but couldn't be too close to? I don't remember if that book had launch codes as a plot point.
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Response by poster: Thank you, but no, it's not the "The Paper Grail". Nothing about it rings a bell. I can't say for sure about the radioactive RV, though it's possibly it was a "Nuclear Football"
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Response by poster: I will check out The Paper Grail on the chance I did read it and am blending together two books, but I don't think that's specifically what I'm looking for.
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almost surely NOT "The Paper Grail"... unless my own memories of it are really foggy
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Response by poster: As of today, still unresolved. I haven't yet read The Paper Grail to see what the story is with The Gluers.
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