Getting audio from my Android stick computer to my TV
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Bought stick-computer that has HDMI, USB, and Bluetooth. TV only has DVI (and older) inputs. Can't figure out a way to get the audio hooked up.

I bought this:

but my TV doesn't have HDMI. It has DVI though so I thought "oh, I'll just buy a HDMI->DVI" plug. I did but then realized that HDMI carries audio info whereas DVI does not.

How can I get audio out of this little thing? I can't find an HDMI->DVI w/ audio that isn't more expensive than the whole unit ($60) and I also don't know if I can go USB->audio on an Android device.

Any advice?
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USB audio will probably work, but I can't guarantee it.
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Best answer: this + this.

Under $10
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Oh, that's assuming your tv has VGA of course. Every solution i found that preserved the HDMI signal but just pulled the audio was $40+, I've been down this road before.
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Response by poster: Didn't even think about HDMI->VGA/audio, maybe that's the ticket.
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I would just double check your TV's manual prior to going with a HDMI > VGA + Audio solution. You might not get the same resolutions on the TV with VGA as with HDMI.
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What is the make/model of your TV?
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graxe, the OP does not have an HDMI TV.
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Response by poster: My TV:

Maybe just time for a TV upgrade, have had it for 7+ years now.
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Best answer: You could buy an HDMI audio extractor, which passes through the HDMI video signal but outputs the audio signal over Stereo or SPIDF ports, then use an HDMI to DVI adapter to hook up the video to the TV.

Example of an audio extractor:

Another option might be to use a Bluetooth audio speaker/receiver to get the audio from the Andriod device. Something like this might work well:

I have no experience with either of these products.
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Best answer: Nah, forget upgrading. My tv is of a similar age and not only can do any resolution(including downscaling from 1080p!) over the VGA jack that it can do over DVI or any other input. There's no way it wouldn't allow 1366x768(or 1280x720) over VGA.

I'd get that cheap adapter and keep using it unless it's somehow breaking or you're having issues with dimness or picture quality. Forget throwing more crap in the landfill.

I bet with a converter it'll still look great. My friend had almost that exact olevia and would still have it if it didn't get damaged in a house fire, it ran any resolution up to the max over VGA. We used it regularly as both a computer monitor and for video playback off of various laptops.

I'd also note that i've played around a lot with those bluetooth audio receivers that convert to analog 1/8in output. They have noticeable quality issues, and do not perfectly sync with anything being directly output from the system streaming the audio(video, a game, whatever). They also inexplicably disconnect randomly when the phases of the moon are wrong or someone enables bluetooth on their phone or answers their headset or...(i had a lot of meetings at an office where after the business talk we'd stream music we liked through one of these, from 3-4 feet away. It fucked up every single time without fail. usually 2-3 times)

Maybe i'm just a stalwart who hates sending things out to pasture unless they need it, but really, that tv is fine. Just use VGA.
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Hope one of the above solutions works out for you, but I would warn against trying to use bluetooth as an audio source - unfortunately it will be enough out of sync to make watching video a frustrating experience.
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