RAIN exhibit at MOMA: linebeating hacks needed.
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Please help me beat the line t see RAIN at MOMA.

Hi I'm in New York City for the weekend with limited access to the Internet.

I want to see the Rain exhibit at MOMA and I don't want to wait too long. I can arrive very early as I'm staying near MOMA. Please help me have a pleasant experience. A few questions:

At what time does the line begin form?

If I get there first, how long should I expect to wait?

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Best answer: Here's everything you need to know.
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Listen, the Rain Room is cool and all. I went (though only waited an hour in the member's line but this was when it first opened before all the hype) and it's pretty neat, but if you are only here for the weekend, I wouldn't waste a whole day on it.
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Response by poster: Thanks! And sorry for the lazy question! The hive just saved me a ton of time and now I can sleep late!!!!
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