Ergonomic keyboard with 6 on right side?
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Are there any reasonably-priced split keyboards that put 6 on the right side?

I have looked on AskMi and google, but without success. My old keyboard is having problems and I think I'll need a new one soon.

My problem is that I like split keyboards, but I touch type the old fashioned way, using my *right* index finger for the 6 key. I can't find a currently-sold one like this, except for a Kinesis model for $230 or so.

Failing that, any recommendation for curved or other ergo keyboards? (I'd rather use a straight, non-ergo keyboard than one that causes me to bang my index finger when I try to type a 6.)

I'll be using it with a Linux computer, so strongly prefer wired USB.
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I currently use a Microsoft Natural 4000 on my Linux box at work. Of course, as you point out, it has the 6 on the left side.

That said, it's a pretty good ergo keyboard if you don't want to go for the price of the full Kinesis.

If you are dead set on a 6-on-the-right, you could do the TECK keyboard. But it's like $250...not say $35 for the 4000.
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I have and love a Kinesis Advantage. However, if you're resistant to relearning where even the "6" key is, I can't imagine that you'd be happy with it, because it moves a number of the other keys. (Off the top of my head: [, ], ~, enter, shift, ctrl, alt, arrow keys, backspace)
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Best answer: I like split keyboards, too. At work I use a Microsoft Sculpt Comfort keyboard (like this, but not exactly). It has many of the things I like about a split keyboard and it wouldn't have the "6" on the wrong side.

Edit: I believe this is mine.
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The SafeType vertical keyboard has the 6 on the right side. These images show the actual key layout (the labels on the number keys are printed in mirror-image for use with the keyboard's fold-out mirrors, which I never ended up using). It's expensive new ($295); I bought a factory refurbished model for $189.

One oddity: the left thumb is a backspace key and the right thumb is a spacebar. I've grown to like this layout, but it took me a few days to stop accidentally deleting the ends of words.
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TrulyErgonomic, TypeMatrix, Maltron (even more expensive the Kinesis) have the 6 on the right. The straight grid layout is more ergonomic than the standard jagged keyboard. I haven't tried any of these keyboards. You might have better luck asking in Geekhack.
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Once they stopped making the original, first gen, split keyboards, I gravitated to these "comfort" keyboards:
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