iTunes on Windows 98?
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A family member recently got an iPod Nano along with some gift certificates for iTunes. But her computer runs Windows 98 first edition. Apparently there are workarounds to use the iPod, but what about purchasing from iTunes?
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None if you can't use iTunes.
posted by cillit bang at 2:37 AM on September 25, 2005

On the Wintel side, iTunes requires Windows XP, period, end of story. Mac OS X on the Mac side.

If the family member in question is modern-minded enough to appreciate a Nano, get her off the utter horror known as Windows 98 pronto. That's gotta be a really old PC at this point; an inexpensive new Windows XP desktop or a Mac Mini will change her world.
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It's slightly beside the point, but iTunes works just fine on Windows 2000. But you'll definitely want off 98, because I think it's unlikely that the machine in question is USB 2.0.
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You can't use Winamp insted of iTunes, becuase the minimum system requirement is Windows 98 SE.

The cheapest workaround is probably to use some other computer than her own.
posted by iviken at 7:20 AM on September 25, 2005

Actually, I'm don't have any trouble with Itunes and a 20G 4G Ipod on my Compaq m700, which only has USB 1.1 - I am running XP, though.
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