Where do I go to get my artwork printed?
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I have digital illustrations that I'd like printed out, framed and on the wall. I'm not sure where the best place to go is.

All of these illustrations were done on Photoshop and Illustrator. Sizes that I'd like them in are regular poster sizes. No bigger than 18 x 24. I've always done fine art before but it'd be great to see some of my digital work in that size.
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You might look at Plywerk. They can take your digital files, print and mount them on boards. I have a piece mounted on their bamboo boards and it's very attractive and nicely unusual. You can also mail them original printed pieces, keeping in mind that the piece will be permanently affixed.
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Spoonflower has a post on how to do photos on canvas, but illustrations can be done the same way. I've been very pleased with the things I've gotten done by Spoonflower.
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You can also treat them like a photograph and order photo prints from any of the countless companies that offer this service. That's probable the least costly way to get poster sized prints, which you can then frame. They also offer canvas prints.
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If you decide to go the photo-printing route, it's worth reading this in-depth test from Improve Photography. Also, although not included on that list, I can personally recommend Digital Silver Imaging. They're local to me, but I only discovered them via their Kickstarter. I've used them, they do exceptional work, and their customer service is excellent so I'm sure they'd work with whatever quirks you might need addressed.

My experience is only with photography, not illustrations.
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I found this very informative. Good luck!
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Iprintfromhome.com has a clunky name, but I've had excellent results with them.
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Costco is stupid cheap, and remarkably high quality.
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If you have anything you want printed on canvas, Costco will do a 12x16 for $29. The quality is fantastic.
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The artwork done in illustrator will be no problem, but make sure any artwork coming out of photoshop is adequately large at a high DPI in order to ensure print quality. To get a photo quality 18x24, the artwork should ideally be created with a dpi of 300 at size, or 5400x7200 pixels. At bare minimum it should be 180 dpi at size, and that may result in quality issues depending on the method of production and the detail in the artwork.
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