What is there to do in Pascagoula this weekend?
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I'm going to Pascagoula this weekend to see some family. What are some interesting, 10-year-old-kid-friendly things to do there?
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There are a ton of hotel/casinos in the Mississippi gulf coast area, and most of them have buffets. Kids love buffets for some reason, that might be fun. Also you might be able to pay for access to the pools.
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If you can get a boat ride out to Horn Island, do it. It's beautiful, with pine trees, dunes, lagoons (with alligators!) and meadows.

Biting flies can be a problem near the meadows and lagoons, but if you stay upwind you should be okay. Obviously it's summer and the sun is beating down, but bringing umbrellas, sunscreen and maybe a shade to retreat to make it very nice.

On the way out there you can get a look at the big frigates and destroyers and such being built at the shipyard there, too, which for a ten-year-old has to be pretty neat.
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If I were 10 years old, I would want to go to the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch to see some alligators.

Also, Ocean Springs has a nice downtown and the Walter Anderson Museum is worth a visit if you and your child enjoy folk art.
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I grew up in Ocean Springs!

The Walter Anderson Museum wasn't around when I was a kid, and I wouldn't have cared that much about it if it had, but hey, all kids are different, so if your kid's into that sort of stuff…I assume *somewhere* in the museum they mention him tying himself to a tree on Horn Island (or Cat maybe?) to see a hurricane unobstructed, which as a kid definitely caught my attention.

Ship Island is the most common of the barrier islands to go visit, there's a ferry out of Biloxi. There's an old fort and fun snorkeling.

The one thing that immediately came to mind is that if you can get over to Mobile, the Exploreum is really fun at that age.

If the idea of seeing big ships as mentioned above appeals, there's Ingalls shipyard. They used to offer tours and had a decommissioned battleship you could walk around. Not sure if that's still the case.
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There's always the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center for all your children's museum needs - some of the exhibits skew a little young but there's tons to look at and do.

I haven't been to this Institute of Marine Mammal Studies, and you need a reservation to go, but it's on my list for the next time I go home. It looks so cool!
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