Affordable Care Act: wait, what?
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Does anyone know how the Affordable Care Act will affect Healthy San Francisco/SF Path participants when it begins?
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This page seems to cover it quite well for SFPath. SFPath ends on December 31. Starting in October, they will help participants enroll in either Medi-Cal or other plans available through the "Covered CA" exchange.
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What those links say. SFDPH is working to make the transition as seamless as possible. For people who are categorically not eligible for the new expanded Medi-Cal or other options (mostly because of immigration status), Healthy SF will continue. SF PATH is expanding income eligibility between now and the end of the year in part to get more people started on the enrollment now, as a way to streamline the process for people. If you currently have a medical home at a DPH clinic, which you do if you're in SF PATH, you will absolutely be able to continue going there.

Definitely call the SF PATH phone line if you have more questions. They should be able to answer them for you. Also, keep an eye on your mail -- they are going to be sending a lot more info out over the next few months.
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