Apple TV-friendly, beautiful video art
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One of my friends is playing cello for a bunch of others at my place, and I'm looking for beautiful videos that I can project on the wall next to him as he plays. I have Apple TV, so anything on Vimeo, YouTube, or Netflix will work. The longer, the better.

I've considered parts of Planet Earth but thought it might be distracting. Something more abstract is probably a better way to go. If The Clock were an option, it would make my day, but I don't think it's available. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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If you muted the music, how about a 7-hour train ride through Norway?
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Much less zen, but (if you start it about 2-minutes in), the Me Gusta Movie without sound, if you want something a little weirder and frenetic.
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Baraka is available.
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I tend to go for the ten hour waterfall sorts of things. It's not too tough to get long nature-y videos, you can just search youtube for "eight hour______" some are videos and some are just still photos.
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It's not The Clock, but instead Digital Clock by Torsten Lauschmann.
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I remember Paul Cox's Vincent as being full of beautiful images, without much obvious narrative content.
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There's always Warhol's "Empire" but that might be too iconic?
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