Need to find and completely remove all hyperlinks/URL's from a Word doc
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I have a 100-page Word document full of miscellaneous content from different websites. Unfortunately, after each section taken from a website, there's basically a citation for where the content was taken from that contains the URL for the website. I need to find a way to find all these hyperlinks and delete them completely from my document. They're all from different websites, so really, the only commonality is the "http://" part.
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Best answer: Find and replace (Ctrl+H), and check the box for using wildcards. Replace "http://* " (ending with a space) with " " (just a space). When you use wildcards you can't search for paragraph marks for some reason, so although this is a little clumsy, it's probably the best way to do this in Word.
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You can use paragraph marks in wildcard search if you use ^13 instead of ^p.
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