Quick, I need kids shows about going potty on Netflix Streaming
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What EPISODES about potty or potty training are available on Netflix streaming? I've only found 1 episode on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (season 1 ep. 10). Amazon Prime suggestions also welcome.
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Elmo's Potty Time was a winner for us. Our kid kept asking to watch it after she was (mostly) potty trained.
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Response by poster: Argh it does not stream
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It is available for streaming through Amazon. (Expensive, though. It's $15.)
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Best answer: The Mr. Rogers episode on potty training, available on Amazon Prime.

It is Episode 3 of that season.
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Best answer: YouTube rather than Netflix: Bear in the Big Blue House: When You've Got To Go

Elmo's Potty Time (not the full episode)
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How about a endless game? Sesame street's website has a potty game where you have to press any key and help the character (Elmo, Zoe, Baby Bear) get to the bathroom. If the child never presses the key, the character still leaves for the bathroom after three hesitations. The game can be played forever - it's a loop.
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Definitely Bear in the Blue House! We can all still sing the "Time to get to know your potty" song!
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On an iphone, you can get the signing time potty app which has little videos (some in-app purchases) about going to the potty and Rachel will call your kid to say great job! or oops, try again. I had to delete it because my kid kept watching it over and over off the potty, but the little songs are very catchy.
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Rugrats: Chuckie vs the Potty S2E15, Potty Training Spike S4E11. Plus a few other potty related episodes, like thinking the pool is a potty.
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