Proper Mark As Read Behavior in RSS Readers?
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I've been using Feedly as my Reader replacement because it seems to be the closest to what I want, but just like every other Reader replacement it doesn't do "Mark All As Read" correctly. Is there one out there that does? The incorrect behavior is as described here, but every single RSS reader I've tried has the same behavior.

Damn you again, Google.
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Have you tried contacting them or filing an issue about it?
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Feedly does have a mark-as-read feature on a per-feed (or folder) basis. You click the number in the feed list to the right of the title. I learned this the very hard way with an errant click.
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InoReader has a good function where it'll let you choose how far back you want items read. Unfortunately it's down at the moment, but that's unusual.
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Out of curiosity, if you only want to mark read the things that you see/have seen, does the feature to mark read on scroll not fulfill this for you? (In a more controlled manner, even.) How?

I'm not aware of a web-based reader that does what you describe, though at this point it's hard to say whether that's because this is the accepted method, or they're just plain aping GReader. I'd guess aping.

But FeedDemon, a desktop application, does something pretty close to what you describe, though as an entirely separate feature. "Mark folder/all read" still does what you're seeing here, but since feed display is chunked into pages you can also mark the page/visible items read and go to the next page.
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Response by poster: they're just plain aping GReader. I'd guess aping.

No, Google Reader only marked what's actually listed as read. That's why I'm so used to it and it's so jarring to have it work differently. I guess I'll give the scrolling thing a shot, though that also seems like less control than I'd prefer.

Oh well.
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Best answer: I've been using aol's reader and it's behavior has been very close to google's.
Shift+A marks all items in folder as read.
I can place multiple blogs in one folder, then read and mark the folder.
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Response by poster: Holy shit, AOL Reader actually does it right! Who knew AOL of all people would get something correct that so many others didn't? I need to lie down.
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NewsBlur does this correctly with the iOS app. I believe the web view works on a per folder basis as well.

Unfortunately if you are looking at "All Stories" in the web view and hit shift-a it will mark everything as read, including the brand new items it hasn't shown you yet.
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Just don't use any of their apps, or their web interface. If you're in the Apple ecosystem, your best options that sync to Feedly are probably Reeder (iPhone), Mr. Reader (iPad), and ReadKit (Mac). We'll be able to go back to just using Reeder for everything when the updates finally come out.
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Feedly will mark items as read as you read them on the desktop browser version if you use j/k or n/p for navigation. n/p will mark the item as read but not ''open'' it for a larger view, and j/k will open up the item into a larger window and mark it as read. On the mobile app, I think you can mark everything on the screen (generally 4 items) as read by swiping to the left.

I haven't used Google Reader since its termination was announced so I don't remember exactly how "mark all as read" used to work on it, but didn't it also mark everything in a category as read just as Feedly does?
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It appears a recent update to Feedly has addressed this. If I mark all the items in Category A as read, I jump to Category B and any stories that appeared while I had been lingering on Category A populate when I navigate back.
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