How to write a story, pulp style
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Specific story-writing method published by a '20s/'30s crime writer?

I'm looking for a short-story writing method that was referenced here before, either on the blue or the green.

It's by a '20s / '30s crime writer. He shows his method of writing a 6,500 word story that, he claimed, had never failed to get him a sale with the pulp mags of the time.

I remember it began with something like, "Start with an unusual method of murder." I think the example was a corpse with a belly full of butterfly larvae.

Another line from it was, "heap more trouble on the protagonist".

Anyway, that's about all I remember, and nothing specific enough to turn up on Google. I definitely read the entire thing (it amounts to a pamphlet) online, so it's out there somewhere.

Appreciate any help!
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Exactly! Thank you, Mr. Hero.
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See the links in that post and also the awesome unSane technique
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