Comedy Bits About Music, Musicians and/or Bands?
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I'm looking for stand-up comedy bits (1-4 mins) on the subject of music -- ideally making fun of bands and/or musicians. I am NOT looking for comedy music -- i.e. no songs please, only stand up talking bits. An example of what I mean is this bit by D'Elia about rappers laughing: Any others out there, preferably not about rap since I already have that one? Thanks :)
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The Pachelbel Rant.
posted by Jonathan Livengood at 11:11 AM on July 18, 2013

Patton Oswalt's 80's Metal Rant!
posted by Nutritionista at 11:16 AM on July 18, 2013

Here's some Jim Breuer metal impersonations.
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Eddie Izzard on "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and various national anthems.

(Oh, I just realized that since he does sing through parts of it, I don't know if that violates your "no song" restriction.)
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Aziz Ansari on Kanye West.
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Response by poster: great stuff thus far -- best so far for my purposes are the Oswalt and Hicks bits. Keep em coming...
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Kids in the Hall: The Bass Player
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Argh, shoot me now. There is background music in that bit - but FWIW it's more incidental, not so much the 'stand up comedian with an acoustic guitar' variety.
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Paul F. Tompkins does a great bit about how jazz musicians love to make their audiences feel dumb.
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Aziz Ansari on 50 Cent
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Tig Notaro on Taylor Dayne

This is more about his acting, but John Mulaney on Ice-T
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Bill Hicks on Rick Astley, George Michael, Debbie Gibson and Tiffany (NSFW, perhaps needless to say).
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Rollins does spoken word making fun of rave music. Here's him talking about his longstanding irrational grudge with Iggy Pop it gets funny as it gets going. Long and worth it.
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Bill Hicks on Vanilla Ice (NSFW)
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Dana Carvey making fun of the way people play guitar. Also specifically jokes about folk singers, lead guitarists and Neil Young.
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Maria Bamford makes jokes about Alicia Keys, and adding footnotes to love songs.
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