New York City must-see theatre this weekend
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I'll be in New York City for a 2 day workshop this weekend, staying in Long Island City, and have a free evening on Saturday night. I love theatre and have no problem going alone, but I won't have time to visit TKTS. Are there on-line last-minute ticket sites people recommend? OTOH, if Long Island Cityites have suggestions for fun Saturday night activities I'd love to hear them. Restaurants or bars with live music or dance performance would be great. I'm looking for a friendly atmosphere where a single woman would feel comfortable; I'm on my own this weekend but not looking to hook up.
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I would definitely recommend The Explorer's Club. I thought it was very funny. Looks like there are still tickets available for Saturday evening, too. I haven't read it, but here's the NY Times review of the show.
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And upon reading the review, you might want to skip reading the review, since it seems to be rather spoilery.
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Best answer: Disclaimer; I write for the review site I'm about to suggest.

TKTS only covers Broadway and a few off-Broadway houses; there are a ton of other theater opportunities in the city, some of them are probably even in Long Island City. Some of the off-off-Broadway shows are hit-or-miss in terms of quality, though - is a site that reviews everything, so you can cut through the list more effectively.
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It depends, is money an object?

I purchased tickets to The Book of Mormon through a site like this. But I paid about $450 per ticket. Worth every penny.

So if you only need one ticket, and you don't mind paying Broadway prices, I can 100% recommend the Book of Mormon. Absolutely EXECELLENT show!
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Seconding The Explorers Club. MTC does great work.

I also love the Roundabout, so I'm going to put in a bid for The Unavoidable Disappearance of Tom Durnin. Face-value tix are a bit steep, but if you're under 35, you can get $20 tickets as a member of their (free) HIPTIX program.

Here's some general info about getting rush and discount tickets at various Off-Broadway houses.
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Best answer: Sleep No More is the greatest thing ever. It looks like they still have tickets available for this Saturday. If you decide to go, memail me and I'll give you some tips for how to get the most out of the experience.

If you haven't heard about it - the reason why tips might be helpful is that it's a 3-hour immersive adaptation of Macbeth that takes place in a five floor fake hotel. You'll be allowed to wander around and explore while the production goes on all around you.
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Best answer: Coming in to second Sleep No More. Even if you were with friends, you'd be alone in a mask, unable to speak for the performance, so there is no worry of having to have your "not looking for a hook up" face on.

Most Broadway shows tours sooner or later- Sleep No More will never tour and is a singular experience.
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Best answer: Thirding Sleep No More. It was the most amazing show I have seen in years, and I work in theater.
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Best answer: Nthing Sleep No More. It's an experience that really can't be compared to other experiences.
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Response by poster: EmpressCallipygos, thanks for the link. The reviews are helpful, but the site lacks a way to sort results, or at least it wasn't evident. I kept having to go out to Google for basic info. But, it was a great way to see a wider selection of events. I'll use it again when I come back to NYC for a longer visit.

To the several people who recommended Sleep No More - thanks! I'll try to see it, though the idea of a mask for audience members strikes me as sort of creepy. I certainly wouldn't give it a chance without such strong recommendations. MeFites come through again!

I also love Roundabout and have seen several productions, but the Sleep No More recommendations have persuaded me . . . I think the Explorers Club will be there for a while.
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