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So, two bad backs need a solution. Has anyone tried two twin long mattresses in a king platform bed frame? One of the details is that the mattresses will be of different heights from each other. Would it simply be better to have two separate twin bed frames and push them together? How have you solved the two bad backs, two mattress type problem?

Before you say do a Sleep Comfort Bed, Mr. Jadepearl REFUSES to rely on mechanical/electrical means of enabling his mattress comfort. Any frame recommendations would also be appreciated. Location is North America.
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Best answer: The boxsprings for king beds are two twins put together. Boxsprings now come in various heights, so that could solve part of the problem for you.

You can then top with twin mattresses and sheets. (Up to you whether you want to do a king duvet or two twins.)

To start, I'd recommend a simple metal frame. We have this frame and really like it. We added a headboard to it months later with no trouble at all.
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Best answer: The platform frame we bought has a centre rail for queen and king sizes, so you could easily put two twin mattresses side by side, although you can't compensate for the height differential in the frame.
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Best answer: We also have a platform bed frame. My husband built ours custom with interlocking wood slats under the mattress (no screws). The bed frame was built when we had a single king mattress and reused when we went to the two twin extra long mattress configuration, the frame works fine. Our mattresses have a height differential of 1-1.5cm. We use standard king sheets. They work fine.

I call this bed configuration the happy marriage bed. We both get exactly the mattress we want and we both get a good night's sleep. I was also skeptical before we purchased but now I am very happy we went this way.
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Best answer: "Platform bed" can mean a few different things, from there being a slab of plywood under the mattress, to there being an open frame or rails-head-to-foot with slats running across it left-right - but my basic understanding of the definition is that there's no box-spring.
In either case, there's a good chance that you can put in a spacer beneath the thinner mattress to raise it up to the same surface level as the thicker. The exact mechanics, however, depend on the exact mechanics of your bed, so I'm not going to speculate too wildly.

Putting two twins together into a kings is pretty commonly done, though - there are even little lengthwise pads that fill in the gap between the two mattresses.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, due to your reassurances I went ahead and pulled the trigger on Holgate's frame suggestion. This weekend will be, twin mattress quest. I am excited because I can now go with memory foam topper on my side (yay!)

Ikea charges a lot for particle board!
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