Are there full service movers that do very small moves in Stockholm?
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This would be an international move, Stockholm to San Francisco. I do not have very many things, but some of it is unwieldy enough that I'd love to have movers treat it right, and I will get some relocation money to do so. In the states, this isn't too hard to find, but I'm not sure who to contact out here. I'd really appreciate any suggestions. I'm asking anonymously because I haven't given my notice yet.
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You could try calling Maxtrans: they moved my stuff (in a truck) from Sweden to the UK, but judging from their website they do offer air- and sea-shipping too. Their service was very good overall, although quite expensive.
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It might be worth posting this question on the noticeboard of, not only are there lots of expats that might have similar concerns and experiences, but one of their columnists just wrote about moving from Stockholm to SF. While the piece wasn't very informative, perhaps relevant people would read if you posted in the comments there.
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Alfa Quality Moving is a company I've heard good things about.
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ICM ( formerly Kungsholms Express has moved me a few times in and out of Stockholm. Never any problem.
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Move One does international relocations, had a family member who worked for them a few years ago.
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