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I'm a software developer by trade, primarily in .NET and web technologies. I know my way around HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery. I am building a new website for a church from the ground up, and I feel that Drupal is a good choice for the CMS.

I am looking for a book that can provide practical examples of building a Drupal website from scratch. Theming, blocks, modules, and how to put it all together. If you can recommend a book or an online resource with useful information, I would be grateful.

I have checked out Drupal.org, and some of their stuff is useful. I'm having a hard time finding "from scratch" tutorials with examples, however.

I am not looking to be talked into using a different CMS. Thank you!
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I've worked with Drupal developers who recommend the book Pro Drupal Development -- there's an edition called Pro Drupal 7 Development. You might also want to check out this previous AskMe asking for free online Drupal resources for beginners (a few comments in that thread also refer to the book).
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Do you anticipate needing to code custom modules? The default install is pretty capable as I recall, and they have a fairly extensive repository of third-party modules you can drop in. Setting up a Drupal site and playing around with it and looking at the official docs and module repository is pretty much how I learned to work with it. I'd recommend doing that anyway so that you can get some sort of server that you can test with before you deploy it to a real one.

I'll admit, it's been a while since I've actively maintained a Drupal site, but it didn't feel overly complicated, and from what I know they've been making a lot of investments in making it even easier to install and get up to speed in.
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