Safari does not show xkcd images?
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In my annals of bizarre tech questions this has to be the oddest. When I use safari as a web browser and try to view xkcd - the comic flashes on the screen briefly but then is replaced with an empty space. I tried reseting safari, manually deleting the cache file, disabling extensions but it keeps happening. More maddeningly it does not happen on any other website as far as I can tell. But - it also happens when i try to view xkcd images in newsblur (rss reader). and - when i open webinspector in safari the image displays in there just fine. (here is a screenshot ) I'm again going mad - what could be causing one website to blank its image? btw if i click "open image in new tab" then i can see the comic but not in a normal (or news blur) window. (running safari 6.0.4 on Mountain Lion 10.8.3)
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I'm guessing it's related to adblock. Especially with that file name "social_media.png".
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Standard mac troubleshooting:

Create a new user on your Mac, login and see if it still happens.
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It might be caused by blocking of "mixed content" (insecure images on a secure page). If you are loading, try going to instead.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your answers - but sadly none of those are correct. I've tried disabling adblock, a new login and the https/ http thing - Every time I get the same result :(
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Just tried Safari 6.0.5 on Mountain Lion 10.8.4 and it works fine with all combinations of [http, https]://[www.,] My usual browser is Firefox, though, so Safari is pretty free of extensions - sounds like an extension problem.

(Also, might as well update Safari and Mountain Lion - looks like you're a point release behind on both.)
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Echoing RedOrGreen that Safari 6.0.5 in ML 10.8.4 is fine, running Adblock 2.6.0 & whatever the latest version of Ghostery is. So maybe a Safari & OS update will fix this.
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