Where is this magical place?
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I'm looking for a place in New York City to dance to 90s pop and hip hop djs. Would love to avoid expensive, velvet-rope clubs and I'm not a fan of techno/house/electronica.

If anyone has a Chicago to New York translator, I like going to the Holiday Club in Chicago and would love to find something like that here: just a bar with space to dance, no cover, and really fun music. Searched through other posts that are all a bit out of date. Would love personal recommendations over suggestions to look at TimeOut. Thanks!
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BoB bar! Disclaimer: sometimes has a $5 cover but so worth it. It's a little hole in the wall that plays only 90's hip hop and in my opinion is the best dance spot in NY!
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Pyramid club on Ave A plays lots of 80s and the crowd skews pretty gay. I always have fun when I'm there. Sometimes there's a cover but it's like 5 bucks.
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Response by poster: A $5-$10 cover would still be fine. I can't get a sense from BoB bar's website -- how does the music vary from Thursday to Friday to Saturday? Looks like they've got regular djs, but do they all play the same type of music?
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I'm not sure- haven't been there enough. I don't think it would differ too much.
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There's a monthly 90s dance party at the Bell House in Brooklyn.
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