Can you recommend a media asset management solution for small workgroup?
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Looking for software suggestions for a media asset management system for a small workgroup setting, mostly on OS X hardware.

I'm working on a repository project that will wind up in dSpace, but I want a simpler dedicated software solution to sharing and tagging and adding core metadata to a range of media assets (video, audio, images, documents) in a small Mac-based lab. I'm not ready to build or commit to my dSpace plan yet. Ideally the assets can also be worked with remotely over the net. What do you use? We're a bit beyond simple file sharing. I was about to roll my own in Drupal using Scald, but I'm sure there are off the shelf solutions more suitable to my needs.

Ideal if it uses standard metadata that can be exported as csv. Doesn't need to be free.

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Response by poster: Meant to add there will be a central media server.
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I've not used it personally, never had a need for it, but have you looked at the products by DEVONthink?

Also, if you've not done already, check out the mac power users podcast, they did an episode on Information managers a while ago.
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I'm a heavy, if clumsy, user of DevonThink ProOfffice. It is totally wrong for this task. It is not intended for shared, multiple access. There is no extensibility except for applescript and workflows involving external applications, very little disclosure of the internals, lax support for standard uses, minimal support for scripting facilities built-in, and absolutely no support for non-standard use-cases. This isn't meant to be a diatribe, I love DTPO and rely on it heavily. But I don't have any illusions about Devon as a company, or the limits of DTPO/DA.

Have you considered just using one of the major open-source source/revision management systems? Like git/subversion/bazaar or maybe even just CVS? Maybe someone has already extended one of these for basic shared/tagged group work on mixed media?

There's also the document management (DMS) software market, but that's a particularly miserable high cost/low return/lower support area of commercial software, in my opinion, without much in the way of viable opensource alternatives, and its in the process of being folded into web-based groupware (which is kind of a shame).

But maybe alfresco community edition? If you're willing to kludge it to work for your purpose.
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You mentioned Drupal. Have you looked at Kaltura?
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Extensis Portfolio Studio will cost about $2,000
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Response by poster: I've already got DevonThink Pro in my workflow. It is too much of an information manager (and too complex in its other functions) for what I really need here.

I've poked around with alfresco. Will look agaon. Have looked at Extensis, but $2K is a bit steep (could but don't want to, probably roll my own for that price). Didn't know Kaltura, so having a look!

Thanks all. Anyone here using Scald?
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Are you looking to catalog finished projects, or to handle lots of "loose" bits of media that you've got lying around?

Adobe Bridge may be worth a look, especially as there's a decent chance that you already own it.
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Response by poster: Thanks, yes Bridge could work.

I can't believe no one has rolled a quality open source asset manager for Macs!

Thanks all.
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