What's a good small-group organisation system?
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I have a group of friends with whom I'd like to organise miscellaneous stuff, mostly various different conversations but potentially also the usual complement of files, todo lists, and photos. At the moment we have one massive email thread that everyone replies to, but there must be a better way to keep multiple conversations going at once!

Useful features:
  • Conversing -- in my mind this would be forum-style but I'm open to other options. It should have more than one thread, and make it easy to start/reply to them.
  • Email integration -- at least emailing for notifications.
  • Login -- ideally via Google or similar.
Things I've thought of which would kind of work, but aren't nice:
  • Private Facebook group -- not all of us use Facebook, but even if we did it's hard to keep conversation going in comments.
  • Emails and tags up the wazoo -- organisationally suboptimal.
  • Host my own phpBB -- can do, but it's a bit of a pain.
I have a vague memory from many years ago of being able to set up a private google apps page and have a shared homepage with its own calendar etc. Looks like Apps doesn't do this anymore, though, but I'm hoping there's some cute startup out there with a name like homepagr that will set one of these up quickly.

Any thoughts?
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Best answer: My friends and I use google groups for this. You can setup a shared calendar that everyone in the group can see and edit. Same thing for google docs. The group messages can be read through email or like a message board. There's an archive and we can use hangouts. It works pretty well..
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I'm in a group that uses Groupsite.
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I haven't tried it yet so I can't personally recommend it but I was looking at Igloo the other day and thought it had a nice set of features. It's free for up to 10 users so if that is the size of your friend group there would be no cost in giving it a try.
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Best answer: Glassboard does all of this. It's free and very, very easy to use.
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Yeah, I also came here to say Glassboard. Add Dropbox for files and pictures and you're set.
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My posse and I use groupme for communication (texting with notifications), dropbox and/or google docs
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Response by poster: Thanks folks -- I'd thought google groups was just a Usenet mirror but looks like it's more than that. Glassboard also looks cool.
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