Learning about Tucson (online) from people who live there.
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Know any blogs, websites or online publications that talk regularly about Tucson, AZ or are authored by people that live in Tucson? Particularly interesting might be ones that lean toward "lifestyle" "craft" "cooking" "outdoors/hiking" or even "mommy" blogs from the Tuscon area...

I'm moving there and interested in local perspectives, insider info and mundane details of daily life to get a sense of the place. I know about the alternative weekly paper and the Tucson lifestyle magazine, I'm interested in something more personal. Could easily be site/blog that is about another topic but the author happens to live in Tucson and mention it from time to time. If any of these things exist!
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Best answer: It's not a blog but I've gotten good information about different cities on City Data. Their Tucson forum is here. Most of their forums seem to be inhabited by residents of the various locations.
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Not related to the subjects you mentioned, but Three Sonorans is a blog by a Tucson resident on mostly local political and social activist topics.
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Local author Janni Lee Simner writes about Tucson occasionally at her blog under the tag desert dispatches.
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Best answer: This is an on-line magazine, not a blog:

3 Story Magazine
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Zocalo Magazine
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Response by poster: Belated FYI, I found another local blogger: The Militant Baker
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