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A local bar takes a lot of photos and currently lets people look at them later in real world photo albums. They already get cds of digital images at the time of printing and future picture taking will increase the number of albums to be stored and handled. They currently have no internet access and they have no wish to just dump the images online. Seeing the librarybox and its parent Piratebox i was thinking of a similar setup w php and ,say, tiny web gallery( no db needed) installed to allow local wireless browsing. Resized photos on a 32Gb drive. Cheap ( approx £60 ),no moving parts, runs quiet and cool. Simpler than an old laptop ,rPi or mac mini. Is there something simpler than this or already made up? Any better ideas ? i see lots of solutions for music handling but not images. There may be multiple groups looking for pictures of themselves from years before as worst case.
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Sure, you could do this, name the wifi network "bar name photo gallery" or something, but I think people would get mad when they realize that they can't get out to the internet over the connection.

As for the 'cheap' and 'simpler than a rPi' parts, You might be able to get this done with a cheap wifi router and custom firmware such as dd-wrt, tomato, etc.

Here's a link I found about using dd-wrt's internal web server to server pages that you specify. Provided the router has a usb port, you could hook up a little sd card reader, or usb hard drive, to serve the images.
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