Whitman pastiche/parody
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Years ago I read a parody of Whitman (mostly a pastiche of A Song of Joys, IIRC) which I have largely forgotten, except for a single line: playing on WW's tendency to exhortations and his supreme self-regard, it was along the lines of "Lumberjack, fell your mighty tree! But not until I, Walt Whitman, am safely out of the way." Googling this fragment, parts of it, and variants of it avails me naught. Anyone else recall this?
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Best answer: Are you possibly thinking of Parodies on Walt Whitman? I couldn't find your lumberjack example in the searchable portions of the book here, but it seemed worth mentioning.
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Response by poster: That looks promising, but I don't think I have ever read it -- maybe it was an excerpt I came across somewhere. Still, thanks.
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