How to keep track of exhibitions and gallery shows?
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I live in a major city with a ton of interesting gallery and museum exhibitions. I've too often found that I missed a show. Is there an iphone app that will easily keep track only of shows I'm interested in seeing, listing their opening and closing dates? Or has anyone found a successful way to keep track? Bonus: a reminder letting me know when they're closing soon. Also interested in evernote and google calendar solutions.
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Oh hey, I asked a very similar question a few years ago, and got a couple of good answers!

(I confess, I haven't gotten much better about keeping on top of exhibits, though.)
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If by any chance you're in the UK, the Art Fund's Art Guide app is dead useful for this. I'm sure it's not exhaustive, but it covers a lot, and if you mark an exhibition as a favourite, it will indeed remind you a week or two before it closes.
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