Where to go bra shopping in Vancouver BC?
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Where to go bra shopping in Vancouver BC? My wife hates bra shopping. The only place she's really liked was a lesbian-run lingerie store in western Massachusetts, where the staff could always point her to a perfect, practical, comfortable bra of whatever kind she needed at the time (e.g. it's the only place she's ever been able to find a truly comfortable bra for horseback riding). Unfortunately, we're a long way from MA now. Any suggestions for such places in Vancouver? Suggestions in Victoria BC also welcome.
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A side question, with no intent on threadjacking the original poster's question...just that I'd rather not post a whole question for a subtopic.

My wife needs to get -properly- fitted for a bra in the Vancouver area, but she's not from here and I, being male, have never needed to shop for one or get fitted. If you can tag on any advice for that under this topic, we'd both appreciate it.
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Why doesn't your wife try calling the place in western Mass., and see if they'll ship her what she needs?
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Kickstart70, that's an excellent side question, and I support this thread being used to answer it as well.
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My DD ladyfriend always recommends Diane's Lingerie on 2950 S. Granville for a life-changing bra experience. They really know their stuff and will take the time to properly fit you. Their selection is a bit more expensive ($100 bras), but from what I've heard it's worth every penny. She's even had little 'fitting' field trips there with our other difficult-to-fit friends, and everyone's happy.
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La Senza is a Vancouver BC company that makes inexpensive, durable, attractive bras. The site pictures make it look like an ersatz Victoria's Secret but that wasn't the vibe I got there.

The store I visited was located at 1143 Robson Street. I thought the sales staff was wonderful. They answered all my questions, helped me get a good fit, and were generally extraordinarily nice. It's more lingerie-oriented than your wife may be interested in, but even their conventional underwire bras feel soft and comfortable to me. I've had lots of problems finding good, well-fitted bras at my size and I honestly never want to shop elsewhere for one.

(Someone might offer a less lingerie-ish suggestion, but just in case, I thought I'd reply; she could do far worse in terms of expense and range of choices.)
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I started shopping at Diane's Lingerie after the owner was used as a reference on The Shopping Bags TV show (consumer information show). The staff is very professional and they always bring a range of pieces -- different prices, styles, etc. They do have some pieces in the $32 range, but can go up to $200. I just tell them I'm interested in a certain price range. They were really helpful when I needed nursing bras. They'll keep your style, size and other details on file, if you want, so you can just call and they'll have your order ready. If you need a special size or custom order, they can order it for you. (This takes about two weeks) They've got maternity, nursing and even after-surgery bras. I never thought I'd be so enthusiastic about a lingerie store -- I always went to department stores before -- but I really like this store.
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BTW, shipping a bra from the US to Canada will probably entail customs duties and $10+ for shipping. You might want to see if you can just order the product in Canada.
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Decent Exposures
is a women-owned company in Seattle that makes very comfortable bras--including 100% cotton--to order.
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Wherever she goes to consider bra shopping, see if they'll do a bra fitting. I know that Nordstrom's and Macy's here in Seattle do, maybe the comparable department stores in Vancouver/Victoria do as well. Getting a bra fitting, and then some quality, properly fitting bras at the same time can mean the all the difference.

Because if the twins aren't happy the rest of you isn't happy.
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If it's horseback riding, perhaps Mountain Equipment Co-op should be a place to consider. They've piles of sports bras. I can't imagine their outdoorsy female staff are going to put up with having their tits fall in their face when they're trying to work an overhang on Squamish's rock wall.
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That lesbian-run store doesn't happen to be in Northampton, does it?

I ask not because Northampton is the lesbian capital of the world*, but because your description matches a store called The Gazebo. If your wife wishes to patronize them at a distance, I'm certain they'd be happy to maintain the relationship via phone or the post.

* We're damn proud of it.
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I've had great luck with 'victoria's secret'. They help you find the correct size, style, etc.
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sequential: Yes, that's the place.
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To those who recommend mail ordering, she prefers to try on before she buys. I guess it's like shoes - unless you're buying another pair of shoes just like the ones you already have, mail order doesn't work so well.

And places like Victoria's Secret freak her out (basically anything that advertises maily to women with tiny little bodies who don't actually need bras, isn't a place she wants to shop).

The photo on the Decent Exposures home page is more what she's going for - women of all shapes, sizes, and ages wearing what look like very comfortable bras.

Thanks for the suggestions everybody!
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