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SO. My friend is about to get her teaching certification from the NYC Teaching Fellows program. Very exciting! At the end of the program, she will be eligible to teach at a high school in NYC. HOWEVER, apparently due to some current hiring freeze, she's only able to apply to jobs at public (non-charter) high schools that have opened in the past three years. Is there some database online that lists...um... dates when particular nyc schools opened? Or, do any of YOU know of a public h.s. in your neighborhood that opened in the past couple years? We're at a loss as to how to search for these schools! Anywhere in nyc will do.
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Has she tried asking the NYC Teacher Hiring Support Center for help?
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Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School (MELS) is the only public NYC high school (actually, it's a combination middle school/junior high/HS) I know of that has opened near me in the last three years. I think for the 2013-2014 school year, they'll have students up to 10th graders.
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A friend of mine was recently on the job search in NYC, and she says she used this site as part of her search: Work at a New School/NYC Dept of Ed. I think that site is listing schools that opened this year, but it also has a link to schools opened in 2012.
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