How can I find Budweiser Select 55?
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My favorite beer in the world has disappeared! Ralphs does not carry it and all the vendors listed on the bud 55 website seem to not carry it anymore. I have searched for news that it's been discontinued but nothing comes up. How can I more directly contact Budweiser to find out where on earth I can still get the stuff? I think I'll buy 500 bottles just in case! I have tried contacting them through their website with no luck! This stuff is vital in keeping my husbands weight at a steady number as well.
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Perhaps obvious, but did you try the contact us link from the footer of
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Best answer: What you need to do is find out who the Anheuser-Busch distributor is in your area and call them. They will know what retail customers they're selling it to (and/or if it's still available at all).

You can find your local wholesaler here.
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In addition to something something's excellent advice, try a specialized beer/wine/beverage distributor. The sort of place you'd go to get a keg. They tend to carry a winder selection of things like this. You also may be able to order large quantities of it directly from them.
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The wholesaler advice is good, but in smaller quantities BevMo in Manhattan Beach claims to have some. You can use the BevMo website to check other stores, but definitely do the pickup-in-store thing because they will physically check the shelves for you.

However, seriously consider the risk of buying 500 bottles of Bud. You would be surprised how fresh the stuff in your average supermarket is, and how quickly it will go downhill, even if stored appropriately. If you're planning to put it in a garage without climate control or anywhere sunny, forget about it.
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Beer finders?
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