Great essays and analysis about Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP?
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I just finished the iOS indie game Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (previously) and I feel the need to contextualize what I've just experianced. I'm looking for long-form essays, analysis, YouTube critiques, and anything else that will let me understand more about what I've just played.
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Those keywords work great at Google Scholar, but the results are mostly "making of" kinds of stuff, including a master's thesis covering how it was partially grant-funded. Another source misspells "sworcery," but it might be worth a look, as it seems to contextualize the gameplay itself in relation to the notion of ergodic literature.
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Well, the Superbrothers themselves penned an essay for boingboing. It's more about the creative process than about the game itself, however.
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My husband recommends this episode of this podcast by the people who localized the game into Japanese. Skip ahead to 1:41:20 for a discussion with Craig about the game's development process and a little about translating it into Japanese.
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He also adds that this is an amazing remix album. "Also," he asks, "at the ending of the game, did he listen to, and perhaps write down, the phone number which is part of the ending song? If not, here's a hint, this is the phone number: (408) 634-2806."
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My friend Rob wrote this excellent review.
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