Looking for recommendations for a lawyer in a property line question
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My neighbor and I share a retaining wall which is going to need some repairs soon. It's become abundantly clear to me that I need to sit down with a lawyer, a bunch of documentation, and a list of questions just so that I know where things actually stand here in terms of obligations and what this shared ownership actually means as a practical matter. So, as far as AskMe goes, I'm hoping to get recommendations for lawyers in Minneapolis that people have worked with on property line issues like this.
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I'm in CA and have no recommendation from the "find a lawyer in MN" side of this question, but I have a little experience with this from the home owner side of things, i.e., we share a retaining wall with our neighbors, said wall was in need of repair when we bought our house 15 years ago, and our neighbor had a difficult time with the previous owner getting them to commit to making the needed repairs (a problem whose resolution became part of our contract to purchase the home, as its solution was a contingency for the sale).

Anyway, if I can be of any help from the "been there, kinda did that" side of things, please send me a memail.

Good luck!
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I don't know him, but this guy has the right background.
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Response by poster: Update for posterity: talking to a few people IRL who've dealt with similar situations, I'm actually going to start out talking to my title company before moving on to lawyers. So, yeah.
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