Where to take my family to eat in Berlin?
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Hello! My (English-speaking only) family is coming to see me in Berlin! Yay! Where can I take them to eat?

I'd love to take my family to eat some great food in Berlin. The places I eat tend to be too cheap and too crowded for their tastes and our number (6).

Any ideas? I've seen this which assumes money is no object, but it is, kind of. Mid-range is more of what I'm looking for. Delicious, good atmosphere, nice parts of the city, takes reservations would be a plus. It doesn't have to have like, an English menu, but someplace that wouldn't be too intimidating for non-German speakers would be an added bonus.

If it helps, I live in Kreuzberg, but we're willing to go anywhere in the city.

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My favorite meal I had in Berlin was at 3 Schwestern. Great food in an interesting location (an old Soviet-era art school building that's now an art college). The prices are mid-range and the atmosphere of the actual restaurant is very nice. I don't speak any German, but my dining companion did, and we got on fine.
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I did recommend Renger-Patzsch in that thread as a mid-range option and think it might fit here. Delicious food, comfortable place. More of a German bistro type feel.
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There are loads of places in Prenzlauer Berg for just about every taste. For Sunday brunch I'm a big fan of Café Butter in the Pappelallee; the owner is English, though he's been living in Berlin for 30 years and speaks perfect German. The per-person price is about 8.50€, if I'm not mistaken, and the value is hard to beat. The atmosphere is great, too, and there's a goodly amount of outdoor seating.

Beyond that, there are tapas and Indian restaurants along the Dunckerstraße and Raumerstraße; I've been to Desi (Dunckerstraße 2a) a few times and really like it. The owner (who also serves) is pretty entertaining and can handle English just fine. Note that the website just has the delivery service; there is an actual restaurant here that is quite nice).

There is a very yummy African place called Massai in the Lychener Straße; reservations recommended, though, the place is always packed.

If any of those don't work out, you could just walk around in the neighbourhood, which would be a pretty cool experience in itself; it's wall-to-wall restaurants and most of them are affordable for mortals. When the weather is good, the atmosphere in the evenings is pretty special.
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Does it have to be German food? If not you could try some of the side-streets in Mitte near Hackeschermarkt and Weinmeisterstrasse. Lots of good Asian food in particular around there. I don't know how adventurous they are in terms of cuisine of course.
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German food in awesome ambience: zur letzten Instanz, near Alexanderplatz.
Best Thai ever: Edd's, near Potsdamerplatz.
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I always take my English speaking friends and family to Zula for hummus.
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Max & Moritz is a Berlin original with good classic german food!

It's Kreuzberg, not too expensive, but reserve ahead.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone!
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