Sun hat for a man that has good back of the neck protection?
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It's hotter than hell here and Mr. gudrun is spending a lot of time outside in the hot sun. He needs a good sun hat, and preferably one that will shade the back of his neck, as sunblock alone is not cutting it. He's not crazy about the hats with flaps attached to the back, but is willing to give one a try if the flap can be removed or tucked away when not needed. (Please help me prevent skin cancer!).
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You want a French Foreign Legion hat.

My dad made one back in the day when he has a car with no A/C and we lived in Phoenix.
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Best answer: You can't beat a Tilley.
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My dad had the same issue. No way he'd be caught dead in a hat with anything hanging down off it. He got himself a straw surfer hat. They're also known as lifeguard hats.

Here's an example.

Here's another.
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Sunday Afternoons makes a good selection of very high quality protective hats.
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Tuck a handkerchief in the back of his hat? Or something wide enough brimmed?

Wear polos or rashguards?
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I saw a bunch of construction workers the other day with wet t-shirts hanging out of their hardhats. Looked very macho to me and the much younger, much more fashion-conscious women I was with at the time. Obviously, no need for hard hats, but a bandanna under any kind of hat will look just fine
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I was flipping through their catalog the other day and saw this from Duluth Trading Company.

Basically it's a thingy that converts your average baseball cap into a neck protecting cap as well.

At a glance, it looks like it's basically elastic and a handkerchief (as tilde mentions) so a DIY project with elastic and/or velcro isn't out of the question if you want to save the trouble/cost of shipping/buying the one listed.
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I wish you luck. I am probably similar to your husband. I spend a lot of time outdoors, I religiously wear sunscreen but I'm not that good at re-applying (or it's not practical).

I hate hats with a passion, I think I look like an idiot in most of them. I kind of find most of the hats suggested appalling (sorry guys! Not saying they're bad answers but I am so self conscious about hat-wearing that I wouldn't consider most of them).

I know this isn't that responsive of an answer but I really hope you find something, because I'd like to have something to wear that didn't make me feel like the equivalent of wearing a fanny pack.
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I have a pith hat (fished out of the Atlantic ocean, the label says "Brookstone", it's circa 1998-99) that does me well. Covers my neck. Looks similar to this one (Can't vouch for that seller, just the hat/style)
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I came in to suggest the same thing vacapinta did. We're from the same area, so those may be localized.
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Yeah, I suppose I should add, as per LionIndex, that my dad lives in a beach community. At least in that context, those hats are more than acceptable and even a bit cool, depending on how they are worn.
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Yeah, guys around here wear them everywhere, so it's not just a "putting around in the garden" kind of thing. Also, lifeguards.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. Keep them coming if you have them!

Mr. gudrun is definitely on the same wavelength as RustyBrooks, i.e. he will not be the type of person to jury rig a neck protector with a bandana and I'm going to have to do the hard sell to get him in any hat at all. The Tilley is a definite possibility. Much as I like them, I think he would destroy the straw hats accidentally (bull in the china shop syndrome). Hmm, I think he might wear a foreign legion hat, but only if the neck flap did not come too much on the sides of his face.

Anyway, not intending to thread sit so I will head off, but just wanted to clarify that it helps if the hat is the kind that can take some abuse and be wadded up in a backpack, accidentally sat on, etc..
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Might want to check an outdoor-type store for something. REI has a lot of cloth hats with fairly wide brims.
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You know what I started thinking at lunch (I have two kids with persistent red necks despite slathering with a mineral oil-zinc combo that came highly recc'd this year)?

neckerchief. Might look a bit natty; useful for sweat-wiping, too. I'd need to do up the kids' as breakaway (slide on, break off, but not fall off) but might do!
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Best answer: HuronBob has it. The Tilley is what my dad wears when he's sailing, and he even took it to Italy last month. He's had melanoma on his ears twice and still refuses to wear sunscreen, so this is his concession to our nagging him. Crushable, washable, practically indestructible, and comfortable-I've worn it myself!
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Best answer: Tilly Hats are extremely well made - washable, durable. If you actually manage to wear one out, they will replace it. (My SO managed this by wearing one day-in-day-out for several years, and they gave him a new one). We find the brims wide enough to cover our necks; unless he works bent over a lot, exposing his neck more, your husband should too.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all helpful but I've marked as best answer the one I think Mr. gudrun will wind up picking.
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