Name this bike!
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Can you help identify this bicycle brand, seen on the streets of Toronto today? It's a ladies' bike, vintage-looking. The particular one I saw was forest green chrome-ish with white/cream accents. It looked to be a single speed or 3 speed mixte, and had green fenders and a built-in bracket on the back. The cream accents said something like "bike in style" or "bike happy," and the name of the bike contained the word "velo." I need this bike. Thank you for your help, meta-sleuths!
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Velo Orange? Or sounds a lot like a Public Bike.
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Maybe Retrovelo?
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Velorbis? Cycle Couture sells them, but they're heavy and you can expect to pay about $2,000. I didn't see any current models in green. The same shop has Public bikes, which are probably under $1000.

However, I've seen a lot of similar bikes at various shops throughout the city. Curbside Cycle has this pretty Linus Dutchi in a brighter Kelly green for only $700. But if you scroll down the page, you'll see some Limus Mixtes, although none of them in anything close to forest green.
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I've seen a vintage-style forest-green Velorbis with a built-in back rack on the streets of Chicago, but it was a men's bike, not a mixte. I bet that's what you saw, though.
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Is it this one?! Yep, that's a Velorbis.
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What misha linked is a Velorbis Studine Classic. Not quite as heavy as I thought: at 36 pounds, that's mountain bike territory.

It's going for about $1400 in California. I found a black one for sale in Toronto for $1099: looks to be from Cycle Couture. There's also a listing for a red bike, illustrated with a picture of a white one, also from CC, but it has balloon tires.

In short: contact CC and see what they have.
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Response by poster: Those are all great-looking bikes...none of them are the one I saw! It's got a true mixte frame, is not a step-through, and didn't have a chain guard. Maybe this one will just remain a mystery...
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Anything like this?
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Best answer: Here's another try, it is a green Motobecane mixte, and the fenders are velo.
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Could it have been a Soma?

It's possible there was a custom paint job on the bike, which could make it super difficult to id.
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Response by poster: It looks most like the Motobecane...but not an exact match, either. Actually, come to think of it, it didn't have the double top tube. Seems like it might have been a custom paint job.

On the upside, some of these bikes here are actually nicer than the one I saw...

Thanks, everyone!
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