Batch process emlx to pdf?
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I have a bunch of emlx files that have been provided to me outside of the mbox format. I would like to convert them into pdf files. There are Windows programs that handle this, but I can't find anything for the Mac. My limited Automator skills are also not up to the task. Any suggestions?

Preferably, I'd like to be able to use the date that the email was sent and the subject line to name the pdf files. I also have copies of Acrobat Professional and PDFPen Pro if those would help.
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There appears to be a version of pdfcreator for Mac. And since that's how I've handled it on windows, id just grab that.

Set it up as the default printer, right click all the files, click print. You can set a variety of date stamp options in the pdfcreator options screen which will use the original files creation date or other info and throw them in the file name...

On an i7 860 workstation it can blast through 50 or even hundreds in less than a minute.
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Response by poster: There is no option to print when I right click.
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It seems someone wrote a program to convert emlx to mbox. However, 10.4 was quite a while back and it might not work any more (if it relied on Rosetta, which is possible, though I didn't think too hard about the dates). There's a perl script for converting mbox to pdf, but you might be able to fool mutt (say) into printing to PDF as well.
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Yea I spaced on that. At least one OSX version had that on the command+click/right click menu iirc.

System preferences>print and fax> open print queue

Drag all the files in. If a program has to open to print them it'll open and close super fast a bunch of times in a row. This may slow the process down.

If they refuse to print post back.
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Here's emlx to maildir and you could then convert onwards to mbox. (I don't know anything about maildir. It might be just as easy to get PDFs from there.)
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Response by poster: The first program that hoyland found worked like a charm to get them into Mail. Is there a way to change the default naming convention in Mail from subject to date-subject?

The print queue is also a great suggestion.
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