Looking for a user script to improve the tumblr dashboard: 5-6 columns?
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I'm hoping to find a user script for Tumblr that will go from the default 1 column layout to something that has 5-6 columns to take advantage of my widescreen monitor. I've found a userscript that gets partway there ("minimal three column layout"), but it suppresses the Like & Repost buttons. I've tried modifying it to have 5 columns instead of three, but I don't know java for beans. Would someone in the hivemind be able to tweak this appropriately, or know another way to get a better layout?
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Best answer: Do you know CSS well? You could use Stylebot or Stylish to customize pages.
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Best answer: xkit has a panorama extension that makes your dashboard widescreen, but that might not be what you want if your aim is to actually be able to see more posts without scrolling. You could leave the xkit guy an ask and ask him to add that feature to xkit, he's a nice guy and seems pretty receptive to suggestions. I'm pretty sure the last version of xkit (xkit 6) did have that feature, but I don't know if you can get the old version anywhere.
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