Which glass light fixture cover do I need to replace a missing one?
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I am looking for a rounded translucent glass cover for an indoor overhead fixture and have struck out so far - it may be a non-standard design. Basically it is a dome-shaped, flat-based, non-threaded cover that has two slots into which two tabs on the base fit and it secures in place with a quarter-turn. You can see photos of the base and of an identical cover in this gallery. Are there terms of art I need to use in my search for compatible covers? Thanks!
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Is there any manufacturer's info on those labels? How about on the top side of the base (that currently is facing the ceiling)?

Have you tried asking an expert? They might at least be able to give you the correct term.
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No labels on the glass; the base has an old generic "Luminaire" sticker with the model or serial numbers and whatever else long gone. Thanks!
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Some magic words are "twist-lock" and/or "globe".
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Any leads on where to get twist-lock covers that fit about an 8 inch inner diameter?
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I have had good luck with these folks. Contact their service dept with your photos and they may have the answer or some leads.
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